What can I do for PD orders

What are PD orders?
PD Orders are also called Pending Checking orders, which are caused by many reasons.

Here are common reasons for PD orders.
1. Pending echeck. The third-party payment like PayPal or Bank must verify the payment so that we cannot get your money and your orders become PD orders.
2. Incomplete and insecurity order information. Due to this, your orders are head off by our automatic delivery program so your orders become PD Orders.

What can I do for PD orders?
According to above reasons, I can do:
In the cases of Pending echeck, wait for one week. If payment is uncompleted, do the following things:
1 Connect the third-party payment like PayPal or Bank to transfer money quickly.
2 Cancel your order and place new order
3 Upload the document (how to upload the document, click here)

Based on incomplete and insecurity order information, you should upload the document to pass the automatic delivery program. As for the credit card users upload a legible photo that includes your whole face and your certifications (ID card, officer identity card, driving license, or passport).

As for PayPal users upload your payment particular screenshot.

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