What can I do for CF orders

Normally, IGXE will call some customers to confirm the orders' information and check if it is correct. CF(call failed) orders means that IGXE can not connect customers or the phone number is unavailable.Click here to learn why IGXE need a voice or fax verification.

1. How to avoid the order status become CF?
(1). A correct phone number is needed when you place an order.

phone number

(2). If the order changed to CF status, check if the phone number is correct, and please update the phone number if it's not.

2. What can I do for CF orders?
In terms of CF orders, I only need to provide correct phone number. If the phone number is incorrect, you can update the correct phone number.

3. How to update the phone number?
a. IGXE suggests customers using online update function after tracking the order.
(1). Track the orders to check if the orders' status is CF.
(2). Update the correct contact information.
Tips: The available time to call is very helpful, IGXE will call you at that time if you fill the column.

b. Update the phone number and the available time by contacting IGXE.
(1). Customers can also send IGXE a email about the correct contact information to fastsupport@igxe. The email processing will take some time, please wait for the call verification. Thanks for the patience.
(2). The LiveChat will be another choice to update the contact information. See how to use the LiveChat of IGXE

Once IGXE confirm your CF orders, the delivery will start very soon.

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