What can I do for WL and IR orders

Both WL and IR mean our delivery team cannot deliver the gold/items to you. However, IR means that our Support team is contacting or had contacted you by Email or phone call for fixing these issues too. There are two reasons caused this the condition:

1. Incorrect delivery information. This is the most common problem.

2. Your character of the game being offline. Some customers chose to trade through Face To Face or the orders had to be traded through Face To Face.

Here are some suggestions for you to help us to finish the delivery faster.


For MMO orders

1. Please check your delivery information to make sure it correct. it includes:
Game: Some game have two or more editions like NA /US server and EU server. Check whether you have choosed the wrong one.
Server: check if the server of your order is the correct one which you are playing in.
Faction: check if you choose the correct one. For example: Here are Alliance and Horde in WoW.
ID: Check your character name if you have offered us an incorrect one because of misspelling. It happens frequently, so it's very important.

Tips: These information had sent to you by Email, check your Email box for your orders' original details.

2. Modify the information by updating your contact information.
a. Track your orders frist. Click here to learn how to track your orders.
b. Update the correct one
Tips: Please only update the error one into the correct one.

3. If your orders chose F2F trading, the delivery team can not contact you in game, it also will cause WL status. IGXE suggests customers choose Auction House trading if it's available in-game. if your orders is in this condition, you can:
a. Remind IGXE delivery team to start deliver items by "I am online"
b. change the delivery method to Auction House trading

For FIFA WL or IR orders, customers should:

1. List a new player into the Transfer Market
a. list a new player with the correct buyout price, based on your order amount.
b. record the player information you had set as follow:

Ultimate Team Name (seller):
Player Name:
Player Position:
Players League:
Player Level:

c. Send the correct player's information to us by updating FIFA players or Email

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