About IGXE Bonus Dollars

Bonus Dollar is IGXE membership bonus point and it is rewarded to member's account after order finished. 1 Bonus Dollar=$1! Bonus Dollar can be redeemed on further order.

How to check the Bonus Dollar balance?
1. Login in your account, click here.
Note: Don’t have an IGXE Account, click here.
2. Click "My Bonus Dollar" and check it at "Bonus Dollars Balance".


How to use Bonus Dollars?
1. Click Sign in and log in to your account when you checkout in Checkout Page.
2. Find the amount of bonus dollars you can use on your order.
3. Enter the amount of bonus dollar and click go button.

How to get Bonus Dollars?
1. Sign up to be IGXE's members
2. Buy gold or other game products at IGXE without getting any benefits.
3. Get your bonus dollars (Bonus Dollar= Consumption points * Return Rate) by return rate based on your account level. Note: Consumption points & Return Rate in the following picture:

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