How to Fix the Unsuccessfully Paid Orders

What are the unsuccessfully paid orders?
The unsuccessfully paid orders are the orders whose payment is failed. In terms of these orders, you need to know your payment method first, and then find the reasons. Finally, fix your unsuccessfully paid orders.

Which payment methods often lead to the unsuccessfully paid orders?
The payment methods are Credit card, Skrill, CashU and Paysafe Card.

Why the payment method causes the unsucessfully paid orders?
1. Credit card: Your bank refuses or directly cancels your order.
2. Skrill: The third-party payment like Skrill does not receive your money.
3. CashU: The payment is usually delayed by CashU generally used in Arab.
5. Paysafe Card: A PSC Account is need so that it is impossible to pay for by directly inputting card number.

How to fix the unsuccessfully paid orders?
Based above reasons, do following thing:
1. Check your Credit Card account whether it is available to oversea payments.
2. Skrill users change a way to pay for their orders.
3. CashU user should provide us both your correct email of payment (or account) and the amount and time of your order.
5. Paysafe Card user need to register a PSC account and pay for the orders again.

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