What can I do for IN orders

IN means incomplete delivery. IGXE have already delivered some items / gold to customers account. The rest of the orders will be in processing.

For customers, here are some thing you can do:

1. Normally, the rest items/gold will be delivered soon. Meanwhile, the order status will be changed to IR. please wait for some time patiently.

2. If your order keeps IN stutas, that means our support team is still preparing the goods for you. you can inform IGXE of your convenient time to answer a call. IGXE support team will call you when the delivery will start.

3. Customers can modify the delivery method for the rest products to Auction House. IGXE will deliver the orders immediately once the stock is ready.

4. Customers also can contact IGXE for a voucher instead of the rest products. see what is vouchers here.

5. customers also can request refund for the rest products. once the refund is in processing, the order stutas will be changed to PR.

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