LiveChat of IGXE

1. IGXE recommends customers to handle the problems by using support center. It’s the fast way to fix the issues. See how to check and fix order’s issues here.

2. If your problems are not listed at the Support Center, then customers can contact IGXE by the email: Please write the order number and the clear details about your questions in mail. please describe your question as much as clear, it's very important and helpful to fix the questions. The Support team will reply you as soon as possible.

3. Customers also can use the LiveChat for support service. Since IGXE has a great amount of customers, the response need to take some time, it depends on how many people are waiting. So please be patient when you are in the queue for the LiveChat service.

Tips for using LiveChat: In order to efficiently solve your problems, please list all of your problems when you are in queue. This will be very helpful to save the time, and reduce the amount of the waiting queue.

IGXE tries the best to offer the best service to our customers. Send us your advices by Email: IGXE is always glad to hear your voice.

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