Membership of IGXE

IGXE recommend customers register as members. Members can get better service and more preferential policy.


1. It will be easier to tracking your orders status. All orders will be recorded in the member system.

2. Every finished orders in igxe will help members earns consumption points. The consumption points are used for leveling up members account. The higher account level will gain more bonus dollars for each order.

3. Bonus Dollar:Every finished order will help members gaining the Bonus Dollars which can be used in members next orders as real money. Learn more about bonus dollars here.

4. IGXE members can receive different discount or coupon codes in the promotional email aperiodically. Members also can find some sales promotion code in members system pages for free.

5. Members have the qualification to participate in the VIPs Day on 25th every month. It will be members lucky day in lucky draw.

Now, sign up for IGXE membership here.

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